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Welcome to Ear Candle Shop. Ear Candles can be can be hard to find and fairly expensive. We make it easy by allowing you to shop from the comfort of your home and save money, avoiding the markup of the local health food store. Whether this is your first time to buy ear candles or you've been using them for years, we make your experience as enjoyable as possible. Our service and quality can't be beat!

Our ears are supposed to have wax in them. Why? Ear wax helps protect the skin of the ear canal and protect the ear from bacteria, water and other unwanted objects.

The problem of ear wax is that an excess of it can hinder hearing. People with hearing loss and hearing devices know this firsthand. There are a few different ways to go about getting rid of excess wax. They are:

  1. A nurse combines warm water with a softening agent and then shoots the mixture into your ear while you hold a little bucket to collect the water and wax. (It's often painful and disorients the patient)
  2. A specialized doctor, also known as ENT  or ear, nose and throat doctor, uses either a very small pick or a vacuum out the excess wax.

Both of these procedures require that you have health insurance and pay some sort of a medical co-pay. Depending on the type of insurance you have, this cost can range between $10 and $200.

An alternative to these options is to buy ear candles. Ear candles are exactly what they sound like. They are candles that are 8 inches long. The following video shows how ear candles work and how much wax a typical person gets rid of during the 8 minute burn. Where to buy ear candles? Right here on this site.

Who should NOT use ear candles?

Those who have:
  1. tube implants
  2. perforated ear drums
  3. tympanotomy
  4. ear inflammations
  5. skin diseases in or around the ear
  6. rashes in or around the ear
  7. ear infections

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